The Lucrative Journey of Income Equality Part Seven

Being on the minority side of Obamacare had no benefits. As more Republican voters felled in love with Obamacare, the more embarrassment for the Tea Party Republicans. Even when it came to Immigration Reform, Jeb Bush’s strategy of, “If you can’t beat Dems, join them,” was in warp speed, rejected by Tea Party Republicans. Listen up our friends from other countries, any Republican politician that shows any compassion towards you, will be forced to go back to the Tea Party’s old addicted ways of harshly demonizing you. It’s a corporate media strategy to manipulate Republican voters. Don’t take it personally.

Hold up, I’m looking at an alluring picture of a Democratic President coupled with the Democratic majority in the Senate and House. HELLO, Income Equality. 😀 

I’m grateful to be sitting at the table of abundance, alongside every other hard-working American, enjoying a slice of Income Equality. It feels so good! 


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