The Lucrative Journey of Income Equality Part Three

Who said this was going to be so fun? If you put all your eggs in the 2014 elections results, that’s cool, we can still co-exist. I admire your commitment to showing up and voting, you are honoring your worthiness and it feels good. That’s all I want, for every American to feel good and Income Equality feels good. Americans are exemplary workers, we get it, we are in this together, and yes, we have a seat at the table. When I say, “It’s in our hands,” literally, it’s in our hands to vote yes on Income Equality. “If I have to verbally seduce you, into showing up and participating collectively, in voting “YES” to income equality, I will.”

One, “YES” vote for Income Equality, is one step and that feels good, but collectively, we are a GIANT LEAP FORWARD, and we love feeling worthy. 

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