The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Thirty-Five

I see a similarity between Christie’s use and Richard Nixon’s use of the “I’ll be the judge and jury” scam. They both threatened a few delusional billionaire donors, because they [delusional billionaires] don’t like competition. Hold up, I have proof. Delusional people have no qualms “investigated” their own corruption and rendering themselves vindicated by their own standards. Many people reap the benefits of this scam and rightly so. For me, what is more delusional than the corrupt political organization’s use of the 501c3 IRS tax exempt law? You know, where delusional billionaires live vicariously through their puppet politicians. No mystery here, since denial is the delusional billionaires way of life, finding scapegoats comes naturally, and they despise competition. You’d think that owning the entire Republican party and enough Democrats to manipulate legislation in their favor were enough. No, they are equally obsessed with blaming the government for all their sins. A circle of corruption with no beginning and no end. Good luck with that…rolling my eyes.:D

Back to reality, the feelings of gratitude over the Affordable Care Act are infallible and standing on the side of equality, feels peaceful. We’ve conquered the naysayers, the saboteurs, and their insidious lies, now it’s time to party, let’s conquered this mountain by improving the ACA.

You are worthy of abundance!

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