The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Thirty-Four

Woke up this morning, found myself another present,  enjoying the adulation of the Norma Desmond persona that held a press conference yesterday. His grandeur of delusions were a bountiful banquet for his crazed fans to feast on. So bountiful that within four hours, a crazed Norma Desmond fan appeared on a cable new show validating that the Emperor had new clothes. This type of denial coupled with convoluted rationalizations, are very lucrative to astute bloggers. The same could be said about how lucrative it was for journalists back in 1974, when Richard Nixon took on the Norma Desmond persona during the end of his presidency. Today’s Norma Desmond persona has been persistent for three months and still going strong thanks to the media’s obsession. Could it be that one of the consequences of being a political hack, an impostor, and thief is acquiring a delusional disorder. 

I’m looking forward to the ingenuous and self-serving ways, cable news and talk radio hosts pretend that our Norma Desmond persona is making a comeback. Look, I’d predicted a while back that those “townhall” meetings were part of a scam. What I didn’t know, but was evident yesterday, was how the bully had lost touch with reality. This is freaking awesome!

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