The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Thirty-Two

Opponents of the Affordable Care Act have one thing in common, they dominate the debates on the ACA by lacing it with malice. I get it, opponents of the ACA are con artists, so naturally, the heist is justified. In my world, it’s called the, “You sow, I’ll reap,” scam. Very popular scam in politics and else where. While the opponents of the ACA are kept busy perpetrating their scam, I’ll keep busy restoring the ACA’s passionate message that all Americans are worthy of affordable healthcare. It’s simple, as more and more Americans feel worthy about receiving affordable healthcare, they’ll feel more excited about participating in every election. Success breeds success. Future debates on the ACA are futile unless opponents want to explain their scam, then I’m all ears.

Happy, happy, joy, joy, because the opponents of the ACA are nothing more than opportunistic con artists. The more pretentious people they scam the merrier.

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