The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Thirty-One

No one does dog whistling politics better than chickenhawks.  In my world, it’s called, “Squawk Dirty To Me.” From the chickenhawk’s view, squawking is a seductive ploy used to arouse their victims. Donald Rumsfeld proved my point yesterday. As far as rankings from one to ten, ten being best squawking, I gave Rumsfeld a seven. His use of the animal comparison lacked originality, but the enticing of the Tea Party was flawless. I could just hear the Tea Party moan, “Squawk dirty to me, Rumsfeld.”   

They don’t call Hobby Lobby creative centers for nothing.  Crafted from religious beliefs, Hobby Lobby rode their chariot of corporate personhood, you know, life begins at corporate conception, to the descendants of Gordon Gekko. Better know as the five conservative leaning Supreme Court Justices. The art of the scam for Hobby Lobby, is never apologizing for their wicked and depraved behavior. 

Relax, Hobby Lobby’s religious beliefs are more aligned with the seven deadly sins, i.e. wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. Thankfully for a blogger like me, this religious belief scam is worth its weight in gold.

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