The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Twenty-Nine

How many bloggers are members of the ,”Diamond in the rough” club? 😀

I’ll like to nominate Christie’s lawyer for this week’s best, “What a fool believes” award. Fasten your seat belt, we’ve got ourselves a wicked and bumpy road ahead. Christie had a volcano eruption of deception in conservative valley. It had been reported that an “investigation” by Christie’s taxpayer lawyer found Christie was cleared of any Bridgegate wrongdoing. The best part for me was the dismissive attitude from Christie’s lawyer inserting his, “God can only judge me” superiority. It was a brilliant scam, if I say so myself. I also like Christie’s use of the “Matrix scam” because selling a false reality to gullible voters has it’s advantages for bloggers. The opportunity to peek inside the depraved world of con artists is lucrative. So far, the second coming of Watergate has been a treasure chest of diamonds.

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