The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Twenty-Two

In my world, con artists delight in scamming, sabotaging, and abandoning unsuspecting people. It’s a public game worth watching especially in politics. Why? Because wicked and depraved behavior comes with the territory. How long will it be, before the GOP plots to vote on legislation that would make vilifying obamacare a national holiday?

I’m starting to enjoy Karl Rove’s new scam called, “Rehearsed Psychology.” After the Florida special election, Rove cautioned Republicans that Ms. Sink lived in a glass house. If elections were based on not electing people with bad characters, then, Republicans would be extinct. Practicing caution is a new persona for Karl Rove…never a dull moment! 

Republicans retaliation against poor people is a scam called, “Scapegoat Poverty.” How wicked and depraved for Republicans to unfairly create the perception, that poor people are living like kings/queens on the government dime, while in reality, serving the government dime on silver platters to the anointed Kings/Queens of Wall Street. 

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