The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Twenty

In my world, five years from today, the Republican Party will shrink so small, they’ll fit inside a bathtub. From the files of, “Be Careful What you Wish For,” came stories of pretentious behavior perpetrated by chicken hawks. Happily for me, one of the architects of the disastrous Iraq war is still pretending his foreign policies are superior. What a testament to our President’s courage, patience, and strategic intelligence that makes chicken hawks squawk . The media’s fascination with this shrilled rhetoric is easy to understand. It’s lucrative, worth millions of dollars, because wicked and depraved behavior is a treasure chest of diamonds. When one is destined to behave wickedly, he/she will attract scandals. A political scandal is just as lucrative to the media as all the professional athletes, celebrities, etc…scandals. The appetite for any scandal is personal, so don’t explain, don’t complain.

Honoring my worthiness to receive abundance.

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