The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Nineteen

In my world, chicken hawks love to trash talk, but underneath their veneer, they’re bumbling con artists. Honestly, Chicken hawks have no qualms stealing the national treasury by perpetrating one scam after the other, while publicly shoving their middle fingers in our faces. Well, back at ya! I rather enjoy exposing your wicked and depraved behavior to anyone looking for a good laugh. A treasure trove of scandalous and salacious drama from holier than thou politicians, for example, “The Primary scam.” The first phase of this scam, chicken hawks must acknowledge their voter’s weaknesses, racism, homophobia, paranoia, etc.” Second, they implement a strategy of exploiting that weakness to their advantage. Third and straight from the Bernie Madoff’s bible, “One scam beget further scams,” chicken hawks create several persona,i.e., “Bully, Deity, Dirty Harry, etc” to gain the trust of their voters. Once the chicken hawk has benefited, i.e. wins the primary election, in warp speed a new scam begins.

How many times must conservative voters receive rotten eggs from the reincarnation of Joe McCarthy? For a 21st century charlatan, he is partying like a rock star. Swindling conservative voters with the same repeal obamacare lie, or what I call, “Green eggs and Scam.” Oh well, at least he can say his biggest political achievement was, “A fake filibuster.”

I’ll see you in the winners circle!

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