The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Eighteen

In my world, Richard Nixon believed he was the descendant of Zeus, but after seeing some excerpt of CPAC speakers, I’m confident that many Republicans believe they’re the descendants of Zeus. Or at least that’s the, “Perseus scam” perpetrated by con artists at political conferences. How impressive were each CPAC speaker’s deity ego coupled with their wingspan of manipulative tactics. It was the who’s who in Republican mythology. A fertile ground for scandals. There’s a myth in politics that being the supreme con artists is held in high esteem. Judging by the cheers and applause from the CPAC audience, Ted Cruz was the chosen one.

The everlasting hypocrisy emulating from Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal’s administration, whining about a billboard depicting Jindal’s middle finger to 242,000 people was the best, “If you can’t take it, then don’t dish it out” moment from yesterday.  

Then, Paul Ryan’s, “Full stomach and an empty soul” rhetoric was the best, “Plagiarism” scam from yesterday.

A treasure chest of wicked and depraved behavior. 🙂

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