The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Seventeen

In my world, con artists find it hard to swallow defeat. Within three days, they dismissed gushing praise all over Putin by seeking retribution against him. All thanks to their keystone pipeline scam. Bravo, is all I can say in critiquing the love to hating Putin performances by a few con artists masquerading as Republicans. 

Darrell Issa is having a difficult time swallowing defeat. His public display of contempt was a testament to his superiority complex. 

If you think Darrell Issa is having a rough time swallowing defeat, Lindsey Graham is metaphorically trying to regurgitate the fake Benghazi scandal. 

Holding the carrot stick of “Impeachment, a Republican impersonating a Democrat, impersonating a Republican, Kesha Rogers, has a bright future swindling political donors and voters. She’s on to a great start with her Hitler comparisons. Oh, and by the way, her biggest scam, she will repeal the ACA if elected. 

Happy, happy, joy, joy, for more scandals to come!

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