The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Fourteen

Richard Nixon’s descent from a landslide re-election victory in 1972, into the abyss of resignation hell in 1974 and was mired in wicked and depraved behavior. The public humiliation millions of Nixon’s supporters felt can’t compare to the abundance Nixon gave to journalists and or writers. A treasure chest of scandalous and politically corrupt stories. In my world, Richard Nixon was a con artist, he fooled millions of voters, and today, many of those voters still don’t get it. That’s why the ghost of Richard Nixon is so lucrative. Inherently, some elected politicians are con artists and are experts in the art of swindling. After Chris Christie’s political aspirations went spiraling into the depths of despair, Marco Rubio saw his opportunity and gave Christie the middle finger. Well, technically, Marco Rubio gave the middle finger to immigration reform, so it was not, his first rodeo. Feeling all Tony Soprano, Marco Rubio publicly anointed himself to the 2016 presidency via an op-ed titled, “8 Steps Obama Must Take to Punish Russia.” In case you missed it, Rubio initiated a scam by cuddling up the extreme conservative right just to dupe them again. Thank you Marco Rubio for some of the best scandalous and politically corrupt stories in real time.

In other related news, the supreme power, i.e. the NFL kicked the Arizona Religious Freedom hustlers and their homophobic scam in the azz. Now the Religious Freedom hustlers are whining. The moral of this story…Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it!

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