The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Thirteen

In my world and making its second debut at town hall meetings in Republican controlled-areas, the one and only Chris Christie’s bully persona. Can’t thank Chris Christie enough for reviving his bullying past, coupled with allowing David Samson to pimp the NJ PA and concealing his heist of Hurricane Sandy Relief funds. I’d suspected long ago that denigrating public workers is a GOP prerequisite to swindling voters. Predictably, after being publicly humiliated, Christie’s supporters console themselves by playing the blame game. 

As spectacular as Chris Christie’s revival of his bullying tactics, Rand Paul gave Ted Nugent the middle finger. Yes, the obsession with Monica Lewinsky’s stained blue dress Rand Paul, hurling cow manure over his plagiarism scandal in hopes of reaping the GOP 2016 presidential nomination, is so Tony Soprano.

I’m partying like a rock star!


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