The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Eleven

Happy, happy, joy, joy, is all I can say about the middle finger the NFL gave AZ. Gov. Jan Brewer, in response to her grandstanding on a homophobic bill. As spectacular as that was, the next chain of events were Shakespearean. Gov. Jan Brewer gave the middle finger to a few con artists masquerading as Politicians/Religious leaders. You guess it, this morning con artists seeking more political power will stand on their pulpits and preach persecution to their victims. 

In my world, religious leaders are either healers or con artists. Religious leaders hallucinating on political power are con artists and they exploit their victims’ persecution complex. It’s called the, “Why is everybody picking on me,” scam. A deliberate, repetitive, and pervasive propaganda machine profits from duping their audience with a single message that they are being religiously persecuted. A scam Tony Soprano would love!

It’s a lucrative scam for me in terms of blogging. All of us are worthy of abundance!

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