The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Ten

I’m basking in Dick Cheney’s wicked and depraved behavior. In my world, Cheney’s megalomania legacy and one of the architects of the worse man-made disasters (Iraq war) in America is unparalleled. The Iraq war scam decimated Cheney’s prowess as a scam artist and the world watched his descent into delusional fantasies. His random public outbursts of criticism reveals, to an astute observer, his hallucinations may be caused by schizophrenia. 

From the ocean of abundance came LA Gov. Bobby Jindal’s treasure chest of insanity. His credibility was decimated during his 2009 response to the SOTU address, but he’s preoccupied with grandiose delusions. His recent public outburst of criticism deserve a “Dick Cheney Megalomania” award. 

The most insidious scam of rejecting the Medicaid expansion in order to pave the road to the White House with human wreckage is Conservatism at its core.