The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Eight

In my world, “Political Comeuppance” to an astute bloggers is like finding a treasure chest of diamonds. 

In his/her haste to exonerate the PA cop involved in Bridgegate, the PR lieutenant working for the Chris Christie office, delighted us with his/her cunning attribute. A year old incident involving PA Police Lt. Thomas “Chip” Michaels made its debut. He was held in high esteem last year for averting a suicide attempt. Just proves that bottom feeders like this PR firm is reaping million$ from preying on Christie’s apologists. 

Have a little empathy for Christie’s apologists because they believe in fables. You know, fictional stories written by Chris “Aesop” Christie and his PR lieutenants. 

The Republican Party is an elite society of professional Con Artists. Their stories are LUCRATIVE.