The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Seven

I’ll admit my editorial skills are limited, so thank you for your lucrative support.

In my world, you don’t hire Randy Mastro to represent you, you hire Randy Mastro to kick some plaintiff’s azz. Oh, you don’t know who Randy Mastro is? You’ll like this! Randy Mastro is the lawyer for Gov. Chris Christie’s office in the GWBgate. If Dirty Harry were a lawyer his name would have been Randy Mastro. Reports on the salacious web of deception perpetrated by Randy Mastro’s law firm were pure gold bars to a blogger like me. How deep is this ocean of abundance?  In true Dirty Harry style, Mr. Mastro “withdrew” his status as council to NJ PA, while his law firm is still sleeping in the NJ PA bed. So, the threesome is now a twosome and everybody should just be happy? Well, ok, I’m happy! 

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