The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Five

In my world, rare diamonds are the creme da la creme. While lieutenant Christie stays busy recycling old bullying tactics, David “Godfather” Samson gave some of us access to his rare diamonds. I’m here today, to honor one of Samson’s rare diamonds. It had been reported that he [Samson] initiated a Danny Ocean laced with Gordon Gekko financial scheme between his law firm and the NJ Port Authority. Can I just say the response from Samson’s PR lieutenant was, “FREAKING AWESOME.” He/She will rewrite history by changing Samson’s vote on some unfavorable evidence.  

Then, from the ocean of abundance came the federal criminal investigation of NC Republican Gov. and Duke Energy, for their duplicity in the toxic dump of coal ash in the Dan River. 

Wait one damn minute, are Republican Governors completing for the 2014 Richard Nixon, “I’m not a crook,” trophy to be presented to the most despicable Governor? wink, wink.

My cup runneth over, thanks to David Samson. 

Abundance is in the eye of the beholder.