The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Four

In my world, Christ Christie’s scandals are recycled diamonds, while David Samson’s scandals are rare diamonds. Unlike the Ponzi scheme the Samson scheme will pay homage to the 1987 movie, “Wall Street.”

In my world, Greed is the father of Deceptive, Ruthless, and Underhanded and all three shared David Samson’s face during his “apology” at the NY and NJ PA public meeting. 

From the ocean of abundance emerged Wis. Governor Scott Walker’s wicked and depraved scandals. Gov. Walker’s debut on the 2014 list of colossal and brutal failures for Republicans has lucrative opportunities for bloggers like me. Included, but not limited to Gov. Walker’s painful public humiliation for being the umpteenth Republican anointed to the 2016 presidency. 

Abundance is abundance!

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