The Lucrative Ghost of Richard Nixon Part Three

I’m optimistic about the future of blogging. As more and more bloggers will reap the benefits of clarity and recognize lucrative opportunities when they appear.

In my world, the corporate media’s haste in honoring Chris Christie for raising millions of dollars as RGA chairman was straight from the Tony Soprano’s bible. I get it, little boys in corporate offices living out their fantasies as mobsters. Donating millions to the RGA is street cred for some wealthy conservative billionaires. The fact that they love bullies like Chris Christie to the degree of anointing him the 2016 presidency is awesome. Even in the face of more wicked and depraved behavior, i.e. while two of Christie’s top aids gave a middle finger to their subpoenas, NJ state senator, Kevin O’Toole graced us with his wicked and depraved involvement. 

“Honor your worthiness to receive abundance”