Remember in 2008, when candidate Hillary Clinton lost the Democratic nomination to candidate Barack Obama and at the same time the GOP establishment assessed the usefulness of racist, homophobic, and paranoid voters. After the 2008 elections the GOP establishment manipulated the Tea Party via FOXNEWS which had 24/7 coverage of the Tea Party rallies even to the point of exaggerating the attendance of some rallies by fraudulently showing inaccurate footage? Remember after the 2010 elections when the newly elected Tea Party politicians gave the majority to the GOP in Congress and in quid pro quo fashion the GOP establishment made excuses for the Tea Party’s racist depictions of President Obama with regards to their posters and/or emails, and/or encouraged birtherism? Those were the days my friends we knew would end. After the re-election of President Obama in 2012 the GOP establishment set in motion the abandonment phase of the Tea Party because they [Tea Party] were no longer useful. The Tea Party politicians/voters have a fatal attraction with the GOP establishment coupled with their mental disorder will not go quietly.

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