I wanted to share some quotes from the 1987 movie, “Fatal Attraction” with a little twist…

Actually quote: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093010/quotes?qt=qt0442116

Revised quote: Karl Rove to Tea Party, “You’re so stupid, you know that?”

Tea Party to Karl Rove, “Don’t you ever call us stupid, you smug turd blossom.”

Karl Rove to Tea Party, “I’ll pity all of you, because you’re all sick.

Tea Party to Karl Rove, “Why, because we won’t allow you to treat us like some sluts you can just bang a couple of times and throw us in the garbage?”

Actually quote: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0093010/quotes?qt=qt0442117

Revised quote: Tea Party to Karl Rove, “And don’t you think we understand what you’re doing? You’re trying to move on without us…and you’re embracing the Latinos. Aren’t you?

Karl Rove to Tea Party, “You wouldn’t understand because you guys are so stupid. If you guys weren’t so stupid we would have control over the Senate. But you guys are so stupid…you’re all stupid, racist, homophobic, and paranoid.

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