Racist people are voting for Mitt Romney because of their superiority complex. The Tea Party is just an extension of the same mob mentality from the 1865 when, “Jim Crow” laws were initiated. Conservative Billionaires behind Citizens United are old, bored white men with nothing better to do than play politics with other people’s lives. The conservative media is as relevant as the cartoon channel, they provide comical entertainment except no one is laughing. The rest of the world is aghast by the most insidious form of dishonesty disguised as political ads by Romney, Rove, and conservative super-PAC.  Most noticeably is how racists, homophobic, delusional,  and religious fanatics are being scammed by Conservative Billionaires, FOXNEWS, Limbaugh, Romney, Ryan, Rove, and Tea Party politicians. Scam on predators, Scam on!

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