What is the one thing that Republicans vilify, demean, and corrupt and is the same thing they are obsessed with? Answer: Our Government, i.e. our Military. In my opinion, being in charge of our Military gives an arrogant, fire first and aim second, bad mother fu*ker some courage. Other perks included, but not limited to tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. In the Republican world, men like Mitt Romney are rock stars and held in high esteem. Romney’s support for the war in Vietnam and refusal to fight in it was honorable and today is still celebrated. In the Republican world men like Romney are the architects, the strategists, the Generals in charge of sending their Military into other countries to defeat and accumulate more Military power. They are the intellectual geniuses in kicking ass. They are Kings that we should bow down to and kiss their feet. They are the Romans of our generation. Men like Romney approve of buying the Presidency because of our Military. The Presidency, i.e. our Military gives men like Romney obsessed with dominating the world feelings of invincibility. The ultimate power is GOD, but the US Military is second. Word!

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