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Was it just me, or do you not work well within a very misogynistic environment. It was so challenging for me that I wrote a book about my experiences with some very egotistical misogynistic men masquerading as co-workers, supervisors, and managers.

From Oct 2016 to Oct 2017, I’d work as a custodian with a public school. I can tell you that if you believe your child’s or grandchild’s schools are being cleaned every day, think again!

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Casino Life Interrupted Day 29

High Rollers set the bar really high. Damn, they spend thousands of dollars per slot machine. On the other hand, I’m trying to win a thousand dollar or more jackpot. Seriously, I’d seen folks (on videos) playing slots machines and spending $25/$45/$50/$100 per spin. Ten dollars per spin was/is my limit. How crazy is that? …

Casino Life Interrupted Day 27

I’d recently read that Las Vegas casinos are closing. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Damn shame too. So, let me get this straight, Americans are dying and our economy is in shambles because Senate Republicans thumb their nose at removing Trump and Pence. Sounds like Casino Owners, the Democratic Party, and families of those …

Casino Life Interrupted Day 25

This ‘Social Distancing’ has its benefits. Who would have thunk it? I have a Casino fund. I’m not going to the grocery store as often. Best of all, watching the GOPers squirming because they’re accomplices to murdering thousands of Americans, priceless. They made a deadly mistake of not removing Trump and Pence.