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Was it just me, or do you not work well within a very misogynistic environment. It was so challenging for me that I wrote a book about my experiences with some very egotistical misogynistic men masquerading as co-workers, supervisors, and managers.

From Oct 2016 to Oct 2017, I’d work as a custodian with a public school. I can tell you that if you believe your child’s or grandchild’s schools are being cleaned every day, think again!

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It’s Complicated

Back in the day, I used to work at Sam’s Club. Today the Casino near my home re-opened at 8am. What in the Hell does those two events have in common? Working at Sam’s Club was Hell on earth but a good justification for me to go back to the Casino. You guessed it. I’m …

JUNE 3rd

It’s going to be a circus, an unmitigated disaster, and I won’t be there. WTF, I’m I talking about? The Casino near my house is scheduled to re-open on Wednesday, June 3, 2020. Like I’d mentioned above, I won’t be there nor will I be going any time soon. There’s a raging epidemic going on, …

Fu*k The Dumb Sh*t

Casinos are reopening and I for one ain’t going back. Oh, don’t get it twisted, the temptation to return will be greater than my opposition. So time will tell. I’m not saying I’ll never go back to a casino. Right now, I can’t get excited about returning while there’s still a raging epidemic. I’ll pass …