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Was it just me, or do you not work well within a very misogynistic environment. It was so challenging for me that I wrote a book about my experiences with some very egotistical misogynistic men masquerading as co-workers, supervisors, and managers.

From Oct 2016 to Oct 2017, I’d work as a custodian with a public school. I can tell you that if you believe your child’s or grandchild’s schools are being cleaned every day, think again!

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U.S. Rep Adam Schiff (D-CA) Is Kicking Trump’s Ass And Taking Numbers

U.S. Rep Adam Schiff is 007 to Trump’s Barney Fife persona U.S. Rep Adam Schiff is running circles around Trump and Trump’s allies U.S. Rep Adam Schiff is playing 3D chess to Trump’s checkers U.S. Rep Adam Schiff is Trump’s Achilles’ Heel U.S. Rep Adam Schiff is a Rock Star U.S. Rep Adam Schiff is …

Is There Such A Thing As A Winning Fatigue?

Seriously. Listen, when it comes to casino life, I’m fully aware of the dreaded losing fatigue syndrome. You know, when you’re feeding money into a slot machine after slot machine and if you’re lucky, you might receive a negative zero.  A draught so long, you become despondent and vow never to go back into any …

As Trump Fades, Will Dumb Last Forever?

It’s no secret that Trump’s supporters are dumb, stupid, imbeciles, crazy, unstable, mentally unfit, and airheads, so nobody is surprised that they believe everything Trump says. Here’s the question I have: What is going to happen went Trump supporters realize that they’d been bamboozled, scammed, and hoodwink by Trump and his allies? Enquiring minds wanna …