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Was it just me, or do you not work well within a very misogynistic environment. It was so challenging for me that I wrote a book about my experiences with some very egotistical misogynistic men masquerading as co-workers, supervisors, and managers.

From Oct 2016 to Oct 2017, I’d work as a custodian with a public school. I can tell you that if you believe your child’s or grandchild’s schools are being cleaned every day, think again!

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One way to stop the sinful, wicked, impious, and ungodly reign of terror perpetrated by elected Republicans in America, is bestowing $1,000,000 to each Black and Hispanic register Democratic voter. Don’t worry, I’ll let GOD handle the details. She’s awesome. Black and Hispanic Republicans can ‘stay woke.’ Hello, white supremacists, it’s called, ‘Leveling the playing …

Old School Slot Play

I prefer old school slots like Triple Star, Triple Strike, Triple Diamond, Double Diamond Deluxe, just to name a few. I haven’t graduated to a ‘High Roller.’ I’m still penny pinching at the casino, if you know what I mean.